B & C Organic Cleaning Care
30 Ehrbar Ave Mount Vernon NY 10552 | organiccleaningcare@gmail.com
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Organic Cleaning specialists in Mount Vernon, NY


Basic Cleaning services include**:

  • General dusting and vacuuming
  • Cobweb removal
  • Complete care of all flooring thru out the home, depending upon the type of surface, floors will be dusted,swept,vacuumed and washed.
  • Beds made up or linens replaced (if set of the bed sheets are provided)
  • Fresh in all bathrooms linens hung (if provided)
  • Removal of trash from all rooms
  • Straightening of all rooms while cleaning
  • Cleaning of sinks,counters & items on the counters in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Cleaning of toilets,bathtubs,sinks and showers inside, outside and around base
  • Cleaning or dusting of all accessories in the bathrooms
  • Cleaning of mirrors and shower doors
  • Wiping down all cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Cleaning of small appliances exteriors on kitchen counters
  • Cleaning of stove top
  • Cleaning of the exteriors of appliances
  • Cleaning of the microwave interior
  • Washing or loading of dishwasher 1 (one) load

Deep Cleaning Services include**:

  • All of the above included in basic cleaning
  • Cleaning of stove,oven and drip pans
  • Cleaning inside and out refrigerator
  • Cleaning behind the stove and refrigerator
  • Cleaning and organizing the kitchen cabinets(inside and out)
  • Cleaning and organizing closets etc
  • Inside of range hood cleaned
  • Doors and door frames hand wiped
  • Appliances cleaned and shined
  • Knickknack areas cleaned
  • Baseboards and window sill hand wiped
  • Floors given extra attention